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Our brand

Timeless pieces sustainably made.

Mariseé is a high-end fashion  brand based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

Specializes in one of a kind  designs, made from the highest quality natural fabrics. Dyed with organic ingredients such as - coffee grounds, avocado skins, flowers and other vegetable dyes making each piece unique. 


The Process


Mariseé is characterized as a slow fashion brand.  Each piece is hand cut, dyed and made individually so the pieces are never exactly the same, then goes through a lengthy and laborious process and can take up to 3 days to complete. 

Mariseé designs are made only with 100% natural fibers such as linen.

Linen is one of the oldest vegetable fibers and ecologically sound as it needs less water in its production than other natural fibers like cotton. We only use organic dyes from avocado peels, hibiscus flowers, coffee beans, tea, chlorophyll and many more.  

After it is cut individually, the process of dying takes approximately 24-48 hours. Then, it is washed with chemical free products. This chemical free process makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin and/or are allergic to perfumes, soaps and/or chemicals, it is truly unique as the individual dying process produces slight variations in color tones. Mariseé designs stand apart by elegant and beautiful craftsmanship in every detail.   Marisee brand showcases in each piece a handmade fibonacci numeric symbol embroidered meaning equilibrium.

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